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#GivingTuesday at Multiplier

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The giving season is just around the corner.

And at Multiplier, we know there are multiple ways to give and make a difference. And one great way is to participate on #GivingTuesday.


Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. This year it falls on November 27.


What’s in a name?

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I bet this has happened to you.  You’re trying to introduce someone to another, and you can’t remember the person’s name…it’s right there on the tip your tongue, but you just can’t seem to retrieve it fast enough.  It’s embarrassing… to everyone.   Why? We all understand that a name is important; it has meaning, it defines a person, and knowing and remembering it is one of the key arts of communication.

The same holds true for an organization’s name. Its name reflects the unique mission, style, approach and unique niche that leads others to value its work, and its brand.  It should be memorable, easy to retrieve, and entice its target market to learn more.

For quite some time, we’ve known that the Trust for Conservation Innovation no longer fully represents who we have become since our inception nearly 20 years ago. And, so our evolution to Multiplier began.

The Wayback Machine

Back in 2001, our organization was the brainchild of a forward-looking team at California Environmental Associates who saw the need for a mission-aligned, cost-effective nonprofit organization for a select portfolio of environmental conservation projects. Since our beginnings, we have provided fiscal sponsorship, fast access to 501c3 status, and a flexible administrative and operations platform, freeing up program teams to focus on mission and impact from day one. We’ve built our reputation around a unique “boutique” level of creative and flexible support. To this day, every project still receives the close personal attention that has become our hallmark, together with a direct investment in building the capacity of program teams to accomplish their goals.

A Changing Sector
Fast forward 15 years, and the environmental sector has evolved. Land, ocean and species conservation are still key to protecting and conserving our precious natural resources. Yet there is also a realization that growing threats to our planet and its people require more holistic solutions, both locally and globally. Reflecting this trend, our project portfolio has grown and now spans both crucial land and ocean conservation efforts and an array of cross-sector strategies in public health, environmental education, economic development, clean energy, climate resilience, sustainable food systems, energy efficiency, social and environmental equity, and more. During this same period, we also experienced tremendous growth, with annual revenue across the entire organization more than tripling in just three years. By the end of 2015, our name no longer reflected the intersectional work of many of our projects or the evolution and growth of the overall organization.

Accelerating Impact

In 2016, we went through an intensive year-long planning process that culminated in a revised mission, a new strategic direction, and a resource-enriched approach that deepens our support for projects and our investment in mission-driven impact. Since that time, we’ve put this commitment into action. Our core operations support team – our “backbone” team – has continued to provide the efficient, cost-effective administrative and operations support that is core to our success. And, in 2017, we also added an accelerator team, doubling the size of our staff and bringing in additional senior nonprofit experts to expand our capacity-building support. This infusion of expertise has allowed us to deepen our personalized, wrap-around supports to projects in areas critical to their success, including fundraising, program and leadership development, and outreach.

Our public name change from Trust for Conservation Innovation to Multiplier in mid-2018 aligns our public-facing brand with this accelerator model.

Why Multiplier? Because that’s what we do. Our backbone and accelerator teams work alongside program teams, creating a multiplier effect that helps turn game-changing ideas into planet-saving impact.

Come join us. After all, don’t we all want to protect and foster a healthy, sustainable, resilient and equitable world?

T4CI adds new senior advisor for fundraising and development

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T4CI is proud to welcome Alice Ng as our Senior Advisor for Fundraising and Development. Hailing from New York city, Alice brings over 16 years of experience in the nonprofit sector with hands-on multi-faceted experience in fundraising and development. In this role, Alice will advise and coach our program teams on fundraising and development best practices in areas such as annual giving campaigns, membership development, major donor cultivation and stewardship, foundation support, corporate sponsorship, and fundraising events.

Most recently, Alice served as the Development Director for the Coral Reef Alliance, where she was responsible for the long-term fundraising strategy based on the organization’s theory of change. In this role, she  worked closely with the Program and Communications teams to direct the design of a 10-year $20 million capital campaign strategy, planned and executed the organization’s annual gala, managed the stewardship and major donor recognition program for prominent constituents, and directed the messaging for all direct mail appeals.  She also performed the first-ever analysis donor segmentation of the donor database to better identify untapped giving opportunities and refine approach strategies.

From 2006-2014, Alice served first the United States Director for Animals Asia Foundation, where she supervised the North American operations including strategic planning and growth and development of the organization and then as Development Director where she managed all fundraising efforts across North America. During her tenure, she created and implemented a major gifts program including bequest/legacy giving and donor recognition programs, stewarded all major donor relationships including securing high-level six-figure gifts, oversaw foundation proposals and reporting, and led donor trips to field projects in China and Vietnam.

From 2002-2006, Alice served as Co-founder and Co-director of Animal Balance, a global nonprofit focused on the development and implementation of 100% humane animal population control strategies for dogs and cats on the islands of Galapagos, Dominican Republic, Samoa, Cuba, Cape Verde, Bahamas and Hawaii. Alice is a current member of the Board of Directors and continues to support the growth and expansion of the organization.

Earlier in her career, Alice served as a Shark Conservation Campaigner for WildAid where she focused on reducing the demand for shark fin through education and research.

Alice holds a BS in Management Information Systems from the University of Buffalo and in her spare time, you can either find her climbing in Yosemite or serving as an active wilderness first responder for the Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit.

This position is part of our forward-facing strategy focused on providing hands-on advisory support to accelerate the growth and development of the innovative projects that operate under our umbrella. Together with other value-added services in areas of communications and leadership development, these additional advisory services are  provided alongside our core operational supports in accounting, human resources and benefits administration, grants and contracts administration, and general operations and administration.

Orange you glad it’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

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As farmers markets begin to bustle and produce stands pop-up along the roadside, celebrating National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month presents a fresh and delectable invitation for a summer meal. Whether from a stand, you picked-it-yourself at a local farm, grew it in your backyard, or had a friendly neighbor knock on your door, ‘lettuce’ take a bite of all that is yummy.

Much of our work at T4CI lends itself to healthy, fresh produce that focuses on sustainability. One of our projects, The Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative, for example, is working to get fresh fruits and veggies in religious communities and their food pantries.  And the central T4CI team in Oakland is always up to anything fresh and edible.

Here are the office favorite fruits and vegetables:

  • Ty: Mango and Chickpeas
  • Stephen: Mango and Sweet Potato
  • Carolyn: Opal Apples and Broccoli
  • Tenzin:  Apples and Spinach
  • Jessica: Blueberries and Broccolini
  • Laura: Grapefruit and Celery
  • Kvetka: Apples and Peas
  • Kristin:  Cherries and Brussels Sprouts
  • Shannon:  Avocados and Jicama

We’re hungry for more, so please share your favorite fruits and veggies with us in the comment section.

Meet the mother of the environmental movement

This Mother’s Day weekend, T4CI would like to introduce you to the woman considered by most the mother of the environmental movement: Rachel Carson.

Carson was the first woman to take and pass the civil service exam for federal employment. And in 1936 she began working for Bureau of Fisheries as a biologist. She wrote several books on the environment and in 1952 left the Bureau to pursue a full-time writing career.

Her environmental writings inspired the nation to look at environmental problems seriously. Her  book Silent Spring, published in 1962, provoked a national reexamination — and ban — of the use of DDT,  a pesticide shown to cause and that its agricultural use was a threat to wildlife, particularly birds.

In it, she said:

“In nature nothing exists alone.”

Carson’s writings were attacked by chemical manufacturers who painted her as an alarmist and even attempted to dismiss her findings because she was a woman. But Carson also had powerful advocates, among them President John F. Kennedy, who established a presidential committee to investigate pesticides.

Learn more about this amazing woman, below:


Attention Development Professionals: ready for a change? Join T4CI!

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T4CI has experienced tremendous growth over the past three years (~$18-$20M annual revenue) and seek a savvy and experienced senior development professional to join our downtown Oakland team. This is a newly created position and we are poised to hire immediately.

The Senior Advisor, Fundraising/Development will be a multi-faceted leader with well-rounded generalist skills in nonprofit fundraising and development. Although we seek a seasoned and experienced development generalist, this position is somewhat unique as it does not entail routinely raising funds to support the Trust for Conservation Innovation directly, and thus it is not titled with the traditional “development director” moniker.

As an in-house coach, advisor, and thought partner, the Senior Advisor’s primary function will be to provide ongoing advisory support, coaching and training to the approximately 50 nonprofit programs in our portfolio. This position will be an ideal fit for a leader who has held both senior in-house roles and who has also served nonprofit clients via a consulting/professional services role.

If you are seeking the best of both worlds in one position, check out the details here:

Education is part of what we do!

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This week is National Environmental Education Week. Held each spring around the time of Earth Day, National Environmental Education Week (EE Week) promotes the understanding and protection of the natural world by actively engaging K-12 students and educators, and people of all ages in an inspired week of environmental learning and service.

At T4CI, our projects take education very seriously as part of their mission.   Here’s a sample of what some have been up to:

Building Codes Assistance Project:  We are educating/inspiring architects and engineers in 22 cities on how to incorporate solar photovoltaics into their building plan projects, to increase use of solar energy and reduce demand for fossil fuels.

Sane Energy Project:  One of our campaigns is WinWindNY. We have secured a commitment from our Governor to purchase offshore wind off the coast of NYC. Our work right now is to let the public know offshore wind is going to happen and how they can participate in the process in its development.

SOUL:  We’re hosting a 10-hour educational series about the urban forest and its potential to mitigate decrease flooding, subsidence, air, water and soil pollution, the urban heat island effect, and improve community health.

Would you like to help our projects educate the world? Please consider a donation to one of our projects at:


Earth Day? For T4CI projects, it’s “Earth Always”.

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Founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues, Earth Day is now a globally celebrated holiday. The brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson and inspired by the anti-war protests of the late 1960s, Earth Day was originally aimed at creating a mass environmental movement. It began as a “national teach-in on the environment” and was held on April 22 to maximize the number of students that could be reached on university campuses.  By raising public awareness of air and water pollution, Nelson hoped to bring environmental causes into the national spotlight.

And although it’s decades later, there’s still so much to be done. That’s why our projects are on the front lines stimulating change everyday. Here’s just a sample of the plans for Earth Day 2017:

Menlo Spark: We’re celebrating the first anniversary of the Menlo Green Challenge with some exciting contests to help people Park take climate actions, compete with their neighbors to see who can be greenest, and save money.

Sane Energy Project:  On Earth Day, we will be active with all of our volunteers with art windmills, storytelling in the public square with a giant storybook. We’ll be encouraging the public to participate in letter writing, calls, hearings and community meetings.

SOUL:  We’re partnering with The Port of New Orleans on Friday, April 21 for an Earth Day event to clean the storm drains of debris and trash removal. We will plant native water-loving trees at this site in the fall. On Saturday, April 22, SOUL is hosting a maintenance day at the Rosa H. Keller Library’s rain garden. Volunteers will weed, remove invasive species, plant native Irises and mulch.

Would you like to take action to help? Please consider a donation to one of our projects at:

How to teach kids to care for the planet, Earth Day and everyday!

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At T4CI, we celebrate Earth Day everyday, and we hope you do too.  Often, however, the question arises, “How do we teach our children about how to take care of the earth? After all, it is their responsibility too.”

We put together a few tips to help.  Check ’em out. (And remember to share, too!)

New positions available at two of T4CI’s projects

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Two of our projects are looking to hire!  Are you a fit for one of these new careers?

CHANGE director – Californians for a Healthy & Green Economy (CHANGE) is looking for a new director, who will advance the production of safe, affordable, and accessible alternatives to toxic chemicals, spurring economic growth in vulnerable communities and creating a healthy, green, sustainable economy for all.  The job announcement and details is here.

WaterNow Alliance director of team operations –  WaterNow Alliance (WNA) is a network of water utility leaders dedicated to expanding sustainable water solutions in their communities. The Alliance focuses on innovative strategies to accelerate adoption of reuse and efficiency technologies, green infrastructure, watershed health, stormwater recapture and groundwater management. Reporting to Executive Director (ED), the Director of Team Operations will serve as a key leadership team member and an active participant in strategic planning, mission execution and fundraising The job announcement and details is here.