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The impacts of extreme industrialization and consolidation in food and agriculture is nowhere more evident – or harmful – than in the animal agriculture sector. The factory farm system that has resulted is a primary driver of many social, economic, and environmental problems, as well as the political and economic disconnections between urban and rural populations. This system is rooted in an overly corporate approach to food production, systemic racism, extreme economic inequality, and exploitation of rural communities and environmental resources.

The Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative (AARC) fills a vital role as a movement alignment hub by connecting leaders and organizations from the environmental, independent farmer, sustainable food, labor, civil rights, and animal welfare movements to work together to build power and win the systemic changes necessary to challenge corporate control of the food system and to pass new policies, enforce existing laws, and change industry practices.

In AARC’s early years, we moved quickly and thoughtfully to bring a wide range of organizations together to establish common ground in a shared analysis of power and systemic problems, to create a theory of change, and to forge a set of core strategic pathways. We identified the specific needs of the movement to shape AARC’s four roles as a connector, a campaign alignment hub, a home for shared resources, and a center for strategy development. In 2016, building on this strong foundation, AARC grew into its core purpose as a movement alignment hub where organizations from the environmental, independent farmer, sustainable food, labor, civil rights, and animal welfare movements work together to build a broad, powerful base across the country around a shared vision of a just, sustainable animal agriculture system.

AARC provides a place for member organizations to develop strategic aligned campaigns and supports these campaigns by providing funding at critical moments in their development. AARC also facilitates communication between campaigns and with the AARC membership as a whole.

AARC convenes litigators, communicators, and organizers at three tables dedicated to strategy development within those fields. AARC connects strategic aligned campaigns and the policy, legal, communications, and base-building experts of member organizations toward a broader strategic approach.

AARC provides multiple platforms – including a private website and database – for organizations to share valuable resources and data with each other. We also offer training opportunities, tools, and resources for capacity building.

When we come together in person, the energy for transformative change is palpable: this emerging family is motivated to create systemic reform, align our strategies, and act powerfully together to achieve our vision for a just and regenerative animal agriculture system.


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