Senior Communications Manager – Azul

The Organization

Azul is a Latinx-led and Latinx-serving environmental justice organization focused on ocean stewardship. Our work is rooted in social justice and intersectionality, and guided by equitable practices. 

Our team is small, nimble, and extremely mighty. Founded in 2011, Azul has developed and executed advocacy campaigns in California that were instrumental in passing the plastic bag ban and the shark fin ban, and in expanding access to the state’s coasts. Currently, Azul works in an increasing geographic scope and scale that encompasses federal and international policy.

About the Position

Our strategic communications work is currently being performed by a combination of a communications agency we have on retainer and our Executive Director, and we are seeking to expand our team to provide some additional comms capacity. 

We are ideally seeking to hire a full-time Senior Communications Manager to lead and bottomline our day-to-day strategic communications activities in both English and Spanish. 

This will be a role with a salary range of $70,000-$85,000 that is fully remote within the United States, with a preference for someone who can work East Coast hours. 

Note: This will be the first hire for what we are anticipating will be a three-person traditional communications team by the end of the year. As such, while we have structured this role to meet our most immediate needs, we do have some flexibility about the seniority and responsibilities of the role.   

Depending on the applicant pool, we might be open to hiring a less senior Communication Manager ($60,000-$70,000) who can focus on content creation and media work in English and Spanish. If you may be interested in being considered for this less senior role, please indicate that in your application.  

If you would like to be kept informed about other Communications roles as they open up, please email us ( with your resume and a brief note indicating that.    

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Collaboratively create an annual communications plan that identifies the target audiences and channels (including digital and paid advertising) that are best suited for Azul campaign messages, and update it as necessary. 
  • Maintain an editorial calendar that includes planned communications activities across multiple channels. 
  • Working in close collaboration with others on the team, develop, manage and implement strategic communications campaigns to: 
    1. Help us win our advocacy campaigns and achieve our policy goals;
    2. Raise the visibility of our work and the strength of our brand with external audiences; 
    3. Build and engage our membership base; and 
    4. Amplify Latinx voices in support of ocean conservation.
  • Take the lead on and bottomline all of our media work in English and Spanish, including:
    1. Developing a publicity strategy to increase Azul’s presence in traditional and online media.
    2. Writing press releases, talking points, advisories, public statements, and op-eds.
    3. Managing media relations outreach, building relationships with relevant media contacts, responding to in-bound media requests, pitching reporters and curating media/press lists.
    4. Pitching and arranging interviews, press conferences, and other types of earned media events.
    5. Acting as an organizational spokesperson and preparing other members of the team, supporters and other organizational surrogates for interviews and other media work.
    6. Monitoring, tracking, circulating, and analyzing relevant media coverage of Azul and of the issues we work on.
  • Develop narrative and communications frameworks and messaging guides for our advocacy work and PR campaigns. 
  • Develop print and online communications materials and collateral (including by working with vendors and consultants to manage the creation of short videos, infographics and other visual assets), and manage content development and creation for Azul’s website 
  • Identify and help us capitalize on high-impact campaign communication moments and flashpoints, including breaking news and other kinds of rapid response opportunities.
  • Work with the Social Media Strategist to ensure our social media content is aligned with our strategic communications goals
  • Monitor our general inbox and act as the first line of contact for queries from the media, the public or our members. 
  • Coordinate with communications agencies, vendors and consultants on projects, as needed.
  • Collaborate with external partners to develop and leverage marketing campaigns and identify new opportunities.

Note: To ensure access to information by the Latinx communities we work in, all of our materials are crafted in English and Spanish from scratch with these communities top of mind. In other words, we don’t use Google translate or rely on auto-translation apps, and the individual who assumes this position won’t either. 

Success in the first six months of this position looks like:

  • Your implementation of our strategic communications strategy has led to tangible results in terms of media mentions, better relationships with key reporters, etc.
  • You understand Azul’s broader goals, campaigns and issue areas, and have produced messaging guides and frameworks in English and Spanish that build off of this understanding.
  • You have developed clear and effective processes for content creation and approval. 
  • You are regularly pitching stories to reporters and producing communications materials.
  • You are maintaining an organized system of tracking, monitoring and prioritizing tasks and projects.
  • You’ve set up systems to monitor the news and social media to ensure Azul can react quickly and appropriately to breaking news or emerging developments that are relevant to our work.
  • You are coming up with ways to improve your own work on an ongoing basis and ways to help take our strategic communications work to the next level.


We know there are great candidates who might not check all the boxes listed below, or who possess important skills we haven’t thought of as it relates to this position and the organization writ large. If that’s you, please don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself.

You could be a great fit if the following is true:

You are fundamentally aligned with our mission, values and culture:

  • You would value being part of a cohesive, dedicated, and nimble team who are passionate about Azul’s mission.
  • You share our unwavering commitments to social justice, environmental justice, and equity and inclusion as an organizational practice and culture.
  • You are collaborative and highly relational, you are a good listener, you know how to both give and receive feedback well, and you are curious about and able to empathize with other points of view.
  • You possess the cultural competency necessary to work well in diverse, majority-Latinx spaces.
  • You have a track record of building trust and successfully working across lines of personal difference such as race, immigration status, ethnicity, language, socioeconomic class, gender, sexual orientation and other types of social identities and experiences.

You have the skills, experience and perspective necessary to lead our day-to-day strategic communications efforts in English and Spanish:

  • You are an excellent and creative communicator with excellent reading comprehension skills in English and Spanish and the ability to consistently write and speak both languages in a way that is professional, persuasive, on-message and culturally competent.  
  • You have at least 2 years of experience (more is preferable) in Communications, Public Relations, Journalism, or a related field.
  • You have a proven track record of developing and/or executing strategic communications plans
  • You have experience in media outreach and in developing communications assets like narrative frameworks, messaging guides, talking points, press releases and advisories, etc.
  • You are deeply familiar with (and ideally have experience in) the U.S. political and advocacy space. 

You are an entrepreneurial self-starter who knows how to make things happen:

  • You are an adaptable person with a great deal of initiative and the ability to nimbly move your work product forward in a small nonprofit that is scaling up.
  • You are self-directed, organized and capable of managing competing priorities without letting things fall through the cracks.
  • You are good at approaching obstacles with a spirit of perseverance.
  • You can take an idea and run with it, while also keeping your team in the loop to ensure they provide feedback at the right points in the process.
  • You have good judgment about asking for help when you need it.

While not required, a strong candidate might have some of the following:

  • Full bilingual fluency in Spanish and English (if you are not a native speaker, your ability to communicate and understand others communicating is on par with a native speaker), along with a strong understanding of cultural nuances, tone and regionalisms in Spanish.
  • 3-5+ years of relevant strategic communications experience.
  • Deep familiarity with Latinx culture and/or significant experience in a communication role in an organization with a heavily Latinx audience or membership base.
  • Experience working in a strategic comms capacity for an PR or Communications agency or for a progressive labor union, political campaign, or advocacy organization.
  • Established relationships with relevant media outlets and journalists. 
  • Experience with media monitoring and outreach tools like Cison and Meltwater.
  • Graphic design and/or videography skills, and familiarity with relevant software
  • Experience working in strategic communications in a movement, coalition, or partnership setting where the audience included elected officials and the public.
  • Familiarity with policy issues and political fights connected to ocean conservation or a related issue.
  • More than abstract/academic familiarity with the complexity of issues and obstacles facing communities of color engagement in the environmental movement.
  • A background that includes active involvement in progressive social movements, particularly those that work to support environmental justice, racial justice, economic justice, gender equity, and/or immigrant rights.
  • Experience working at a small nonprofit or start-up.
  • Experience working with designers and artists to craft effective, evocative multimedia advocacy or PR content.
  • Experience with community, labor or political organizing.
  • Experience managing graphic designers, coders and/or videographers to produce content on spec, on time and on budget
  • Significant experience working in a multicultural setting.


Salary, benefits and work conditions:

Azul is an independent operating project of the nonprofit umbrella organization, Multiplier, a nationally recognized nonprofit with a growing portfolio of innovative initiatives that conserve and protect a sustainable and resilient world (

Multiplier provides a comprehensive compensation package, including competitive salary ($70,000-$85,000) and a comprehensive benefits package that includes employer-paid health, vision, dental, short- and long-term disability, voluntary life, employer-matched retirement contributions, and a generous vacation and sick leave policy.

This is a full-time, exempt role that may require occasional work on nights and weekends. 

In addition, employees will need to possess the ability and willingness to travel (when consistent with public health guidelines) for staff retreats, meetings and professional development opportunities.

How to Apply

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and interviews will be offered on a rolling basis starting in late May. As such, we strongly encourage candidates to apply ASAP and no later than the priority application deadline of June 5 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. The position will be open until filled.

To apply, please email your application to: with the subject line: “Senior Communications Strategist — First Name Last Name”.

Applications should include:

  • A resume
  • Answers to all of following questions in lieu of a cover letter:
    1. Why are you interested in this role? (Suggested word limit: 200)
    2. What is something you’ve done that demonstrates your ability and commitment to serving or organizing a Latinx community or constituency? (Suggested word limit: 200)
    3. Which of the bullet points under the heading that begins “While not required, a strong candidate might have some of the following…” (above) do you bring to the table? Please list the bullet points and add a few words of explanation for each bullet point. If there are different ways to meet the criteria in a single bullet point, please indicate which one(s) you bring to the table.
    4. How did you hear about this role? Please be specific.
  • (Optional) A professional portfolio or other relevant work samples.

About the Hiring Process

While the hiring process may be subject to change, we are currently anticipating a hiring process that will consist of two rounds of interviews (each of which will be scheduled for 45 minutes) and one timed skills test that should take less than 3 hours to complete. 

Please note: All candidates will be interviewed in Spanish and English, and the skills test will likely include a Spanish-language component. In addition, if we ask you to take a skills test, you will be compensated for the time you spend on it.

We are hoping first-round interviews will be completed in early June, with final interviews completed by the end of the month. We are hoping that the candidate we hire for this role will be able to start by the end of July (if not earlier).

We will confirm receipt of your application and will communicate with you when we have made a decision about your application (either to close your application or to move you forward in the process).

We will principally be communicating with applicants via email and respectfully request no follow-up calls from applicants.

Questions about this position or the application process (including any requests for reasonable accommodation) can be sent to:

Azul is a project of Multiplier (, a nationally recognized nonprofit that incubates and accelerates program capacity for local, regional, national and global initiatives that conserve and protect a sustainable and resilient world. Azul staff, including the Senior Communications Manager, are employees of Multiplier.

Multiplier and Azul celebrate diversity and are committed to building teams and partnerships that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Multiplier and Azul are also committed to providing an environment of mutual respect that is free from discrimination and harassment. Multiplier and Azul prohibit discrimination in its governance, programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, marital status, amnesty, status as a covered veteran, because all or part of an individual’s income is derived from public assistance, or for any other non-merit based factor.

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