Water Utilities Research Analyst

Part-Time Contract Position
Time: 20-40 hours per week, three-month duration (June-August). Possibility of Extension – depending on funding.
Location: Office in Bethesda/Remote work possibilities
Classification: Independent Contractor

Who we are:
Water is an essential element for every life form and every job. Yet the provision of clean water for human consumption, and for ecological replenishment after its use, is not a reality for more resource-constrained communities and water systems. Moonshot Missions is seeking to drive improvements to water and wastewater utilities by working with seasoned practitioners to develop simple assessment tools. Assessments will identify issues and help customize recommendations based on proven governance, financial and technical approaches that can deliver improved services at a lower cost. We are focusing on distressed communities and utilities in the United States and developing tools that will be relevant for larger utilities as well. By helping targeted utilities, Moonshot Missions aims to advance the water sector, particularly among resource-constrained communities.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Serve as a technical resource to the staff of Moonshot Missions, reporting to the Senior Utility Director and Senior Utility Consultant. Will conduct research on drinking water and wastewater utilities to develop research-based reports on the current state of utilities in the US and assist in identifying solutions to drinking water and wastewater utility challenges.

2. Support the development of a standardized assessment process by creating profile tools to:
a. Identify utility targets/clients for Moonshot Missions;
b. Develop a standardized process of identifying field-tested projects that improve performance or reduce a utility’s existing costs and capital expenditures on core utility services. These projects are called Moonshot Modules. The process will include interviewing utilities individually or in groups and outreach to experts in the water industry.
c. Develop written materials for each Module that describe specifically the story and process of an improvement in a utility from the initial idea to final implementation and operation. These materials will be used to develop Moonshot Module menus to propose to chosen clients, as well as written short descriptions of modules to use in marketing materials.
d. Interview utilities to gain feedback on existing Moonshot modules or to help develop new modules.
e. Research candidate utilities/clients;
f. Develop a standardized assessment process for chosen clients; and
g. Develop a report format to use in delivering solutions to clients after assessment process including a module menu.

• Candidates with experience in engineering issues pertaining to drinking water and/or wastewater treatment, drinking water and wastewater collection and distribution systems, stormwater management are encouraged to apply.
• Strong research skills and ability to summarize key points succinctly.
• Proactive solutions-oriented researcher
• Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related field
• Desirable: Master’s or Ph.D in Engineering or related field

What You Will Learn:
Candidates will learn how water is managed from source to tap and from drain to waterway. Candidates will work with water experts to understand how new technologies and management techniques can save money and improve performance. Candidates will learn new management and financial approaches to managing water utilities. Candidates will also develop critical skills in project development, management and proposal writing and structure.

This is a contract position. Candidates will receive a stipend.
Moonshot Missions is an independent operating project of the nonprofit umbrella organization, Multiplier, a nationally recognized nonprofit with a growing portfolio of innovative initiatives that conserve and protect a sustainable and resilient world (www.multiplier.org)

How to Apply:
To learn more about the initiative, see: www.moonshotmissions.org. Please submit your resume and cover letter to jobs@moonshotmissions.org with “Moonshot SUMMER Water Utilities Research Analyst” by May 31st. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Multiplier and Moonshot Missions celebrate diversity and are committed to building teams and partnerships that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Multiplier and Moonshot Missions are also committed to providing an environment of mutual respect that is free from discrimination and harassment. Multiplier and Moonshot Missions prohibit discrimination in its governance, programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, marital status, amnesty, status as a covered veteran, because all or part of an individual’s income is derived from public assistance, or for any other non-merit based factor.

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