Trish Lime

Director of Payroll and Benefits

analyzer | planner | nurturer

Trish embraces change and adventure which is exemplified in her diverse professional experience. Her belief in “you cannot grow without change” is the driving force behind her passion for process improvements. Over the years she has specialized in assisting various organizations with evaluating and improving processes to accomplish higher accuracy and efficiency. Trish is a seasoned professional in the areas of Human Resources, Payroll, Tax and Accounting but her true passion is helping others. This passion and search for the ability to positively impact the planet and people, brought her to Multiplier.

Outside of work, Trish likes to spend time with her family and her fur babies. She spends lots of time at the lake with her husband and grandsons fishing. Trish loves music and listening to books on Audible when time allows.


  • B.S. in Business Management and Ethics from Dallas Christian College
  • Certified Payroll Professional