Got me working like a dog… oh, I am a dog.

We know you work hard.  But do you work like a dog?

One of our projects, the Singita Grumeti Fund, is working to have man’s best friend to become the best friend to animals that are often poached for ivory or just game shooting.

The project currently has an effective law enforcement presence throughout the Tanzanian reserve and it has helped increase the population of animals including elephants, black rhinos and lions.

Now they are amplifying their impact by developing a dog detection unit to stay one step ahead of poachers. These highly skilled sniffer dogs will catch poachers before they have succeeded in killing wildlife, shifting to proactive law enforcement and saving the lives of many endangered animals.

During Work Like a Dog Day, won’t you consider helping support Singita Grumeti Fund’s work by making a donation today?

Photo credit: Singita Grumeti Fund