Mission Co-Ownership and Investment

Multiplier’s mission is to accelerate impact for initiatives focused on protecting and fostering a healthy, sustainable, resilient and equitable world. Although we have strong environmental conservation roots, we know that growing threats to our planet and its people require more holistic solutions, both locally and globally.

The projects in our portfolio span both crucial land and ocean conservation efforts and a broader array of cross-sector strategies in public health, education and leadership, economic development, clean energy, climate resilience, sustainable food systems, energy efficiency, social and environmental equity, and more.

The Multiplier Approach

Unlike other umbrella organizations, we share the missions of our projects. Through intentional selection and careful due diligence, we choose to work only with cutting edge innovators and project teams that can deliver measurable impact as they turn game-changing ideas into planet-saving impact.

Alongside philanthropic funders, Multiplier co-invests in program impact, providing a resource-enriched accelerator approach alongside our world-class administrative and operational support.  Our skilled team of nonprofit experts work hand-in-hand with project teams, helping them design, pilot, prototype, grow and scale their teams and programs to achieve impact better and faster than they otherwise could.

Our Accelerator Team is dedicated exclusively to serving our projects in areas critical to their growth: strategic planning and capacity building, program design and outcomes measurement, fundraising and donor relations support, team recruitment and team development, and communications and outreach support.

How We Select Projects

We admit it; like most investors and funders, we’re selective. If a project is merely seeking a tax ID and a financial intermediary, we’re not the right fit. Instead, the best matches for our portfolio are projects that need and want to benefit from our accelerator support system in addition to our backbone financial and operational services. Do you know someone who might be a great fit for us?  If so, just send them our way!

Our Supporters

Multiplier would like to thank our donors, funders and government agencies who generously provide support to fuel the innovative work of our projects. We’ve provided links to several of our most widely-recognized major supporters below.