The vision for planet-saving impact

At Multiplier, we don’t shy away from being both bold and aspirational, and our vision reflects that tooWe envision a healthy, sustainable, resilient and equitable world.

But what does that look like?  How do we get there? Is it really possible?  We say “Yes.”  Why? Because we can already see it happening.

Every day, we work together with a growing wave of entrepreneurs, scientists, advocates, philanthropists, and investors who are exploring and forging new pathways to enable stronger stewardship of our planet.  Each approach and each path taken by the projects in our portfolio is unique. Yet, together we share a collective vision.

Healthy Planet and People

  • We envision a planet where biodiverse plants and animals, including humans, live in balanced ecosystems that provide the nutrients they need and a place to live, grow and thrive.
  • We envision a planet where, regardless of geography or income level, all of our people have secure access to clean air and drinking water, nutritional food, and basic sanitary systems and health systems.
  • We envision a planet where environmental and public health systems work in synergy to reduce our exposure to hazardous substances in the air, water, soil and food, and increase the health and safety of the built, non-built, and wilderness environments in which we and other species live.

Sustainable, Equitable Economies

  • We envision economies where workers, their families, and the communities in which they live are sustained by healthy businesses. Industries with core values that reflect minimal environmental impact are fostered, sustained and enabled to thrive.
  • We envision economies where approaches to natural resource extraction/production are balanced between sustainable solutions and economic necessity. Fishers, harvesters, farmers and the systems that support them develop and follow sound environmental stewardship and management practices.
  • We envision economies where technology is effectively leveraged to speed the pace of adoption of sustainable business practices.

Secure Natural Resources

  • We envision an Earth where resources achieve sustainable yield, keep us and other species alive, and support our economies. Policies and practices are in place to ensure that natural resources are not degraded or depleted. After periodic disturbances within ecosystems, resources are able to quickly recover or return to equilibrium.
  • We envision an Earth where renewable natural resources (like sunlight, air, and wind) are economically leveraged prior to non-renewable resources
  • We envision an Earth where non-renewable resources (like fossil fuels, ores, coal) are used only when other alternatives do not exist and when used, they are re-used or recycled and put to maximum lifetime use.

Resilient Communities

  • We envision communities where low environmental impact infrastructure systems foster urban/rural linkage and promote integrated, approaches to livelihood protection, climate change strategies, and disaster mitigation.
  • We envision communities where local assets are secure and systems are in place for hazard prevention and protection, early warning systems, contingency and emergency planning and, if necessary, for effective and efficient rebuilding.
  • We envision communities where local and regional governance and planning teams have dedicated resiliency resources and are linked to national policy and best practices for adaptive strategies, including but not limited to climate resilience.


We are Multiplier.  Do you share our vision?

Come join us.  Bring your game-changing ideas.  We’ll help you turn them into planet-saving impact.

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