Phillip Gover

Board Chair and Chair, Program & Outreach Committee Policy Fellow & Project Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Phillip Gover is the Founding Director of the Sovereign Schools Project, which partners with education nonprofits and tribes to build Native-community centered public charter schools in urban and rural areas of Oklahoma. In his roles as Founding Director, Phil assists tribes with standing-up tribal charter school authorization offices, launching new public charter schools, and creating a long-term vision of a growing ecosystem of Native charter schools that affirm and celebrate indigenous history and culture. As part of his work, he founded and now serves as School Board President for Sovereign Community School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Prior to his founding role at Sovereign Schools, Phil was the Chief of Staff for the Oklahoma Region of Teach for America, where he was responsible for day-to-day management of the operations team, drafting the region’s medium and long terms strategic plans, establishing new relationships with tribal stakeholders through the region, and working to secure significant public funding for regional operations. Earlier in his career, served as the Associate Director of Admissions for Dartmouth College, as an admissions counselor at George Mason University, and a College Guide for College Advising Corps. Phil holds a B.A. in political and social thought and an MBA from University of Virginia.