Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative

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The challenge:

The impacts of extreme industrialization in food and agriculture is nowhere more evident – or harmful – than in the animal agriculture sector. The resulting U.S. marketplace domination of factory farms is a primary driver of myriad social, economic, and environmental problems, and further cements political and economic disconnections between urban and rural populations. This industrialized system is powered by large-scale corporate enterprises who systematically prioritize shareholder profits over local farmers, sustainability, stewardship, and animal welfare.

What can be done?

By acting collectively, we can create a food and animal agriculture system that is just, sustainable, accountable to people and that will advance:

  • Accessible, affordable, healthy food for all
  • Safe, living wage jobs that support racial and economic equity
  • Thriving rural communities, including farmer independence and local control
  • High animal welfare practices coupled with public health protection
  • Strong local stewardship of rangelands, water and more.

How AARC is meeting the challenge:

Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative (AARC) is a movement alignment hub where organizations from the environmental, independent farmer, sustainable food, labor, civil rights, and animal welfare movements work together to build a broad, powerful base across the country. With this shared vision of a just, sustainable animal agriculture system, these movements can jointly challenge corporate control of the food system and advocate for better U.S.-based agricultural policies.

This project aligns with the following Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero hunger
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Reduced inequalities
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