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The Challenge:   Technology is growing exponentially while human growth and development remains linear.  This gap between technology growth and human growth presents both opportunities and threats to human-beings.  Many recent developments in technology have taxed our thinking and relationships instead of attempting to advance human beings to reach their full potential.  People are struggling mentally and emotionally.  Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more are widespread. People are not trained for the AI future where as rote tasks go away, jobs will center on human interaction skills enabled by psychological wellbeing and social and emotional intelligence.  People feel adrift and without purpose, a primary driver of wellbeing. But, we aren’t taught the skills to develop our purposes individually or collectively so it is no surprise that we do not align to solve our existential threats. Humans must begin to prioritize building the technology that helps us know ourselves better than the algorithms and create deeper understanding between the interconnected nature of ourselves, one another and our world.


What Can Be Done: Humanity must get psychological health, growth and development to be exponential in order to create wellbeing- an essential skill for health, work, and human excellence.  Widespread wellbeing is the right tool to bend the arc of human history towards a humane and flourishing future.  Across the globe, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors have the capacity to develop technology focused on mental health, emotional wellbeing and human flourishing.  But, without a community of pioneers, the likelihood of creating truly world-changing tech that will permanently move people into a state of well-being is low.  Transformative technology entrepreneurs need a community where they can freely share ideas and feedback, find funding and learn from others failure. A global network can help foster innovative ideas, ensure the use of ethical frameworks, strengthen the bridge to and from academia and build a global movement towards transformative technology.


How Center for Transformative Tech is meeting the challenge: The Center for Transformative Tech is a burgeoning ecosystem supporting change makers who are building and leveraging technologies to improve health, work and human excellence. As the leading network dedicated to the development of wellbeing technology, the Center for Transformative Technology stewards a global community of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors in over 70 countries and 450 cities.  The Center conducts an intertwined combination of conferences, summits, online programs and meet-ups:

  • Transformative Tech Conference – A 2-day deep dive on transformative technology research, companies, and opportunities with keynotes, panels, and hands-on demos of cutting-edge wellbeing tech.
  • Transformative Tech Academy – A pioneering tech seed-stage program focused on human wellbeing.
  • Transformative Tech Lab – The nexus point for Transformative Tech for the basic research across academic, industry, and public sectors including working with corporate and city innovators on research publications and summits.
  • Transformative Tech Community – Entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors in over 70 countries and 450+ cities plus 27 City Chapters and 12 Salons.  Studies show that entrepreneurs and innovators do better when embedded in a supportive community.

These activities allow a cross-section of wellness experts, corporations, civic institutions, investors and innovators to come together to discuss the type of technologies that the world will need now and into the future and begin to make those technologies a reality.


This project aligns with the following Sustainable Development Goals

  • Good health and well being
  • Quality education
  • Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
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