Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

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The challenge:

Feeding almost 10 billion people in the year 2050 will require innovative, collaborative, and viable solutions that consider political and economic uncertainty, growing pressure on natural resources, and climate change.

What can be done?

Substantial scientific evidence suggests seafood, both farmed and wild, has the potential to significantly contribute to food security on a global scale amidst these changes, if sustainable practices are widely implemented throughout supply chains.  Such an approach supports vibrant and resilient ocean and freshwater ecosystems that contribute to improved livelihoods, healthy communities, and food security, while also protecting human rights, dignity, and access to resources for future generations. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governmental entities, and the seafood industry must align and foster best practices. The cultivation of an enabling business environment that drives supply chain actors to align their behavior with best practices and credibly document their efforts is essential if sustainability is to become the norm.

How Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions is meeting the challenge:

Driving sustainability within the seafood business sector is a global challenge that no single organization can achieve alone. The Alliance plays an essential role by harnessing the power of its membership to both engage and mobilize the seafood industry toward impact.  The Alliance is also a critical platform for the NGO community to seek and find opportunities for working collectively and/or collaboratively. A key strength of the Alliance is  diversity of its membership, which also brings a wide range of expertise and perspectives to the table.

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