Sane Energy Project

The challenge:

According the United Nations 2018 report, we are dangerously close to irreversible tipping points for our planet that can only be avoided by a stark reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a swift transition to clean energy. Yet, throughout the United States, policies and practices are still in place that allow coal and fracking to pose a grave threat to the environment, to public health, and to our climate.

What can be done?

For legislative changes to be made to eradicate fossil fuel consumption, a strong grassroots momentum needs to be established that calls for a rethinking of our energy system from the bottom up. By focusing, community by community, on efforts by impacted residents to stop the development of shale, gas, and coal infrastructure projects in their neighborhoods, we can work toward communities powered by 100% equitable and community-supported renewable energy sources.

How Sane Energy is meeting the challenge:

Sane Energy is focused on achieving a rapid and just transition in New York City and New York State to 100% renewable energy. Sane Energy’s signature style is modeled on local, community-driven, consensus-based organizing that encourages civic engagement, fosters mutual support among allied grassroots groups, helps build solidarity across geographic boundaries, and provides training and hands-on support for citizen engagement directly with policy makers on energy policy issues. Some of Sane Energy’s recent activities include:

  • The Wind Not Williams Campaign – designed to halt the expansion of the Williams pipeline in New York City and support wind energy alternatives
  • You Are Here Map –¬†a powerful tool for local groups fighting fracking infrastructure projects to explain how their local battles fit into, and are affected by, the big picture of the gas industry’s buildout, as well as state and national policies
  • Energy Democracy – providing communications leadership to the New York Energy Democracy Alliance to help convey complex narratives about our energy system
  • Geothermal for New York State –¬†working with local legislators and community leaders to encourage NYSERDA to include a geothermal solution for the Empire State Microgrid

This project aligns with the following Sustainable Development Goals

  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Climate action
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