All We Can Save Project

The Challenge: Stepping back to consider root causes, it’s clear that there’s a leadership crisis at the heart of the climate crisis.

Too many people in positions of power focus on short-term profit, prestige, and sustaining the status quo — at the expense of a livable planet.

Many of those awake to the climate crisis stand on the sidelines. In the US, a majority of Americans say they are worried, but only 8% are active in some way. More are willing but unsure how best to engage.

At the same time, conventional climate leadership has centered too narrow a set of voices, ideas, and contributions. The drain of the work also takes its toll, and burnout is a real challenge.

Climate transformation hinges on a range of solutions — from clean energy to effective policy to broad mobilization. All of it hinges on people. But what it takes to grow and sustain leaderful participation has too often been an afterthought.

What can be done:

We believe the antidote to this leadership crisis is a broad leadership upwelling, with many more people linking arms to grow a life-giving future for everyone. Supporting that upwelling is what we’re here to do.

A leaderful climate community is abundant. It’s abundant in people, diversity, superpowers, courage, action, and collaboration. It honors that each one of us is a node of possibility for climate healing.

We believe the following eight dynamics are necessary for deep, sustained, and courageous climate engagement.

  1. I understand climate truth, just solutions & leverage points for change
  2. I’m able to work with climate emotions & access healing / rest
  3. I can see myself in the unfolding, collective climate story
  4. I feel connected to Earth & kindred community
  5. I hold deep motivations to foster a just, life-giving future
  6. I have a sense of possibility, authentic power & joy in the work
  7. I find footholds for meaningful action & collaboration
  8. I have clarity around my contribution, while embracing its evolution

How The All We Can Save Project is meeting the challenge:

Everything we do is designed around growing the above eight dynamics. We use three core tools:

  1. Narrative change — fostering public narrative shift around climate truth, courage, and solutions through creative communication (e.g., the bestselling anthology All We Can Save).
  2. Community building — equipping people to build climate community and move towards action together (e.g., our self-led small group model All We Can Save Circles).
  3. Deep learning — offering educational programs and resources to deepen understanding and nurture participation (e.g., our Climate Wayfinding program for gaining clarity on your climate journey)

And in all of this, we work to tend the emotional-spiritual root from which climate leadership grows.

Our team is a group of strategists, creatives, teachers, and community-builders living in Atlanta and New York.


This project aligns with the following Sustainable Development Goals

  • Gender equality
  • Climate action
  • Partnerships for the goals
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