Working Circle Proactive Stewardship

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The challenge:

Resilient wild and working landscapes are crucial to securing our ability to maintain the delicate intercedence between people and healthy ecosystems. Finding the right balance between planet and people will ensure that our ecosystems are better at adapting to change and continuing to develop in a healthy and sustainable way. Achieving this balance has tangible benefits for the environment, society, and even our economy.

What can be done?

With increased human population and competition for open space, co-occurrence between livestock and large carnivores is certain.  Wolves and other wildlife depend on large continuous lands that private ranches provide. It is imperative that we recognize this reality and the interconnectedness between healthy lands, healthy wildlife, and working ranch stewardship. Working Circle Proactive Stewardship’s’ (WCPS) focus is to unite the values and views surrounding the business of sustainable agriculture and large carnivore conservation through tangible, meaningful, and sustainable practices that ensure our wild working landscapes ability to thrive in the modern world.

Pro-wolf, pro-ranching, and pro-earth, WCPS looks forward, instead of backwards. Through our proven comprehensive approach, WCPS seeks to neutralize the polarizing debate that has hindered the ability for wolves, livestock, and people to successfully coexist on shared landscapes.

How Working Circle Proactive Stewardship is meeting the challenge:

WCPS takes a whole-landscape stewardship approach and offers tangible support to ranching communities to develop, implement, and manage proactive strategies to reduce potential for wolf-livestock conflict in the long-term, while increasing landscape health and biodiversity. This approach empowers ranchers to successfully work around predators and eliminate the need for long-term reliance on outside groups or government agencies. WCPS recognizes the collective value of wildlife, working ranches, and the people who steward those lands. We work to:

  • Empower communities through co-development of strategies and practices reflective of individual landowners and community needs; promote collaboration through collective vision setting, regular communication, sharing of knowledge, and gathering of reliable and useful information.
  • Foster working ranch stewardship and resiliency based on economic, ecological, and community viability.
  • Support implement long-term, sustainable solutions to wolf-livestock conflict

Through a shared love of healthy ecosystems, wildlife, and our shared value of open space, WCPS promotes collaboration between the ranching and conservation communities.




This project aligns with the following Sustainable Development Goals

  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Life on land
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