Celebrating Azul’s Film EnClave: A Milestone in Environmental Storytelling

Celebrating Azul's Film EnClave: A Milestone in Environmentla Storytelling

Azul, a Latinx-led environmental justice organization and Multiplier project, knows elevating Latinx culture and participation can inspire conservation efforts. In a continued effort to uplift cultural and artistic drivers of their mission, Azul premiered their award-winning ocean justice documentary on YouTube, and we are thrilled to uplift three people central to its creation.

EnClave Film Poster

The Film “EnClave”

EnClave, Azul’s inaugural documentary and feature film, explores the historical and geopolitical factors involved in the extensive extraction of our ocean and the impacts of those actions on our lives. Recognized with an honorary mention for Best Short Documentary at the Djarfogo International Film Fest in West Africa, EnClave has captivated audiences across three continents since its World Ocean debut in 2022. Now, it is available for you to stream on YouTube.

The film exposes environmental racism through music, dance, and storytelling to help audiences understand the paramount social injustices that cannot be dismissed, but must be addressed to advance climate action.  Through the lens of EnClave, we invite you to meet three remarkable individuals leading ocean justice efforts. Let them inspire you in your climate action efforts as we move towards a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable world.


Executive Director & Founder at Azul, Producer of EnClave, Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš

Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš

Meet the Producer of EnClave and Executive Director & Founder at Azul, Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš

“EnClave recognizes and brings to the forefront coastal and marine life for people everywhere – capturing the essence, beauty, and representation of our ocean and the stories of communities who have been and are marginalized – the historically excluded within a typically white-controlled social dialogue.”

Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš is the founder and executive director of Azul, an environmental justice organization that has been working with Latinx communities to protect the coasts and ocean since 2011. Her thought leadership is visible from local to global-level panels and summits to the opinion and editorial pages of publications, including the Washington Post and the United Nations.

Bocafloja, Director of EnClave


Meet the Director of EnClave, Bocafloja

Working on Enclave has been a powerful experience that enhanced my analysis of environmental preservation through personal narratives, storytelling, affection, spirituality, and music.”

Bocafloja is an interdisciplinary artist of Afro-indigenous descent based in Atlanta, GA.  Bocafloja’s mediums of creation include documentary filmmaking, music, literature, and photography. His body of work addresses topics such as the Global South, decoloniality, critical race theory, and the African Diaspora in Latin America.


EnClave Protagonist, Stephanie Espinosa

Stephanie Espinosa

Meet the Protagonist in EnClave, Stephanie Espinosa

Being a part of this Azul film, EnClave, provided me with an opportunity to demonstrate what it means to be born and raised in a place with a strong ocean connection while showing the relationship between Black and racialized communities and the critical ecosystems we protect.

Stephany Espinosa is a photographer, writer, and anthropologist born in Panama City in 1996 and raised in the coastal urban center of the city, in one of its most popular neighborhoods. Her intellectual and artistic work centers Black and racialized epistemologies in urban contexts, neighborhoods, and ghettos from an intersectional lens that allows a unique approach to understanding the complexity of factors that determine social life, not only inequalities but also epistemological contributions to the understanding of other ways of life.


Multiplier is thrilled to amplify Azul and their award-winning documentary, EnClave. As we celebrate the film’s debut and the people central to its creation, we uplift their mission to inspire caring for the ocean and invite you to join us: